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GIFL Procurement Opportunities

The Fixed Link Project will provide the region with an exceptional opportunity for economic development.  With millions of dollars being invested into the regional economy, the Chief and Council of the First Nation have directed the GIFL Secretariat to ensure that Indigenous economic opportunities arise from this project.  

All bids will be required to include a points rated section of Indigenous inclusion in the work they aim to complete.  The community is seeking to boost transferable skills in all areas of the project and is looking to contractors that are able to present viable, real opportunities to the Members of the Chippewas of Georgina Island and the Indigenous communities within Canada.  

With that being said, the community will also be seeking contractors that have the resources and abilities to protect the environment as they go.  As defined in the Environment Principles, the community will be looking for firms that have an extraordinary environmental record who are known to leave the environments they are working in, better than when they arrived.   A firm's track record and environmental plan will be included in points rated assessments.

Finally, the Chippewas of Georgina Island First Nation will be seeking the best team for every job.  Best will be defined by experience, track record, project of similar nature, etc.  Although cost is always a limiting factor the community holds a firm belief that work around Lake Simcoe can never be completed simply by the lowest bidder.  Competitive processes will determine the market value of work and the relative abilities of bidders.

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