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GIFL Location + Study Area
Proposed Alignment

Georgina Island First Nation consists of five (5) separate land masses located near the southern shore of Lake Simcoe.  The community has a total of 120 year round residential units and 444 seasonal residences located on the various islands of the community.  The  Fixed Link is planned to connect Georgina Island to the mainland. 


Over the course of 2023-2023, the First Nation has completed a number of studies to look at potential impacts of the Fixed Link.  Through these studies, it has been recommended that Option 2 (in yellow) be an alternative to the initial assumptions provided in the Initial Project Description.   

Cost and continued evaluation of project impacts will continue to be evaluated through late 2023 and early 2024 before a final alignment and design have been completed.


Currently, the study area in red is being used for impact assessment evaluations undertaken by the community

GIFL Study Area
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