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GIFL Project Engagement

The Chippewas of Georgina Island First Nation has never taken on an Infrastructure Project of this size and scope.  The First Nation has entered the Impact Assessment process to ensure that voices from around Lake Simcoe are heard.  To this point, engagement has been limited while the community invests in understanding this project.  As of late September / early October 2023, a number of final reports are being completed.  As this information is reviewed and considered by First Nation Leadership, engagement sessions are going to be held to review areas where the First Nation requires technical input as well as to pass on the information gathered by the Technical Team.     


The Secretariat is currently in the process of scheduling many different engagements that will support the First Nations assessment of impacts.  To keep track of scheduled engagements this happening this fall, please go to our events calendar.  


Note that the First Nation will also continue to meet with Nation to Nation partners (federal government departments) to inform them of the project and how  to make this project a reality.  

engagement plans 2023.jpg
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